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Jul 26, 2013 5:30am PDT
time in office. within the past few hours, prosecutors have announced that mohamed morsy is going to be detained for 15 days and he has to answer a new series of accusations including claims that he has conspired with the armed group hamas. the military has called for as many people to protest in favor of its takeover of power. here are the locations in more detail. tahrir square is where the main protests are expected in cairo. palace in one suburb, they are also expected in other various parts of the capital. here are live pictures of tahrir square in the center of cairo. that is where the army supporters are gathering. in a moment, we will speak to our correspondent with morsi supporters in cairo, but first, let's go to our cairo studio. what is the mood like at the moment? upbeats actually fairly around the square. i just walked down to have a look at the numbers of people and the security presence. pictures, in those there are small numbers in the square itself, but it is early relatively speaking. the several marches which are headed for the square are not expected to arrive
Jul 30, 2013 5:00pm PDT
will start in the first half with you. and put a provocative question to you about muhamed morsi. was it right that he was taken out of power because basically he was not up to the job of running the country. you were not capable of running your country. >> we were what? >> some might say that morsi was for set of our. ->> was it that he did not run egypt well? itwas inevitable that he be pushed of power. >> ok. i got you now. >> go-ahead. >> we believe in democracy. we believe that we have to rely on votes, not on did audis. what actually happened, there was a military coup that demolished the era of democracy after a revolution. [inaudible] this military coup took us back to my baric -- mubarak's era. we are fighting for our rights to express ourselves, to live with dignity, to make our own democracy as any other people and nation worldwide. that is why when someone looks at our stand now in the position now, they make the wrong message. we defend the people's right. no one has to blame us if we continue in the squares in the streets. not for months but for years. >> thank you
Jul 27, 2013 7:00am PDT
their feelings for and against president morsi. so much his followers are still there. this is the scene right now in cairo's city. also ahead, a huge military parade in pyongyang as north and south korea marks six years since the send end of fighting in their war. and a report from refugees from mali who want to make their vote count in sunday's election. an update on the casualty figures from the night of violence in cairo last night. it's now known that more than 120 people were killed in that night of violence in egypt. that's according to doctors who are working in makeshift hospitals on the ground. people heeding the military chiefs to support his takeover. others held rival demonstrations in the mix was tension filled to say the least. more from cairo. >> engulfed to a mural, egyptians experienced a night of competing zem tradition. -- demonstration. supporters of the military on the grounds of the presidential alace. the sheer number would give him a mandate to fight what he called terrorism, a term -- as they ejected the muslim brotherhood and its support. >> we dance to support our
Jul 26, 2013 5:30pm PDT
.s. >>> prosecutors in egypt say they'll question ousted president mohamed morsi over allegations he worked with an islamic group to orchestrate jail breaks. whether he helped hamas with jail uprisings two years ago. militants launched attacks on prisons and police stations in 2011 allowing morsi and other muslim brotherhood leaders to escape. morsi was taken to an army facility earlier this month after the military deposed him. the reasons for his arrest haven't been confirmed. members of morsi's support base, the muslim brotherhood, and leaders of western nations are demanding his release. >>> u.s. president barack obama's administration has decided it will not declare the overthrow of egypt's democratically elected leader a coup. this means the united states can continue to send aid to the country. reuters reports deputy secretary of state william burns briefed lawmakers on the decision. it says he told them the obama administration is not legally bound to conclude whether morsi's ouster was a coup or not. u.s. law prohibits financial aid to be sent to regimes that have overthrown a demo
Jul 27, 2013 8:30pm PDT
. >>> hundreds of thousands of people have rallied in egypt in support of ousted president mohamed morsi. they've gathered on the streets of cairo for the biggest protest since the military took power. dozens of people died when they clashed with security forces. the demonstrators were responding to a call by the muslim brotherhood. the group forms morsi's main power base. an official with the health ministry said at least 60 people died when they faced off with security forces, and eight people died in separate clashes in the northern city of alexandria. >> transnslator: the securururi foere simply trying to stop a clash between morsi supporters and nearby residents. >> a brotherhood spokesperson condemned the actions of authorities. >> translator: at 3:00 in the morning, police started attacking with tear gas first and then with live bullets on the peaceful protest of raba. >> the muslim brotherhood has vowed to continue protests until morsi is reinstated. >>> japanese prime minister shinzo abe has expressed his hope for a meeting of foreign ministers and the leaders between japan and china
Jul 29, 2013 1:35am EDT
of egyptians feel that this leadership under president morsi and the muslim brotherhood was a leadership that was not addressing egypt's problems. it was more concerned with control than it was with governance. while one can dispute the actual numbers that were on the petitions and one can question how many will be on the street, there is no question that a significant percentage of egyptians responded. what took place was a popular uprising. the military used that uprising to remove president morsi, but the reality is that today there is a good day of support for what the military has done. there are those within egypt, within the rest of the region hich would view what has taken place as a course correction and that helps to explain why ou look at the saudi's and the kuwaitis having provided assistance and beginning to act on that. there is one narrative that describes this very much as a course correction, a popular uprising. there's also a different narrative which comes from the the muslim brotherhood and the backers of president morsi who see a legitimately elected government repla
Jul 26, 2013 6:30pm PDT
as the president mohamed morsi and charged him with the deaths of 80 militants connected to hamas. >> there are rallies across the country by both supporters and opponents of the nation's first democratically elected leader, and they have warned of the potential for bloodshed. >> sure enough, there have already been deaths. at least two dead in the city of alexandria, and several people have been injured in clashes there and in cairo. >> we will get more from our correspondent there in a moment. first, this. >> fireworks over tahrir square, a gesture of support for egypt hoss and drum government. opponents of president mohamed morsi have been streaming into tahrir in their tens of thousands. they are heeding the call to give the army and mandate to take on the muslim brotherhood >> the muslim brotherhood will take us back years and years and years. this is not democracy. this is a revolution. >> the military has taken up missions outside the square to protect demonstrators against morsi supporters, despite the increased security, violent clashes have open out. -- broken out. allie
Jul 30, 2013 5:30am PDT
president, mohammed morsi. welcome to al-jazeera. we are in our news center and these are our top will news stories. 250 prisoners escaped as outsiders attacked a jail in northwestern pakistan. middle east peace talks between negotiators, face-to-face discussions for the first time in three years. the final appeal, lawyers for the former italian prime minister trying to overturn his jail time for tax fraud. > >> welcome to the program. the european union foreign affairs chief has discussed a meeting with mohammed morsi. she has been holding talks with most of the parties involved in the political stalemate in egypt, but refused to give details of what she discussed with the former president. >> we talked for two hours. he has access to information in terms of newspapers, so we were able to talk about the situation. we were able to talk about the nuclear missile. i am not going to reveal anything further about our conversations in anyway. as i have indicated, i have made clear that we are talking not because we're coming up with great ideas, but because we want to help facilitate t
Jul 30, 2013 8:00am PDT
will speak with scholar norman finkelstein and yousef munayyer. withopean envoy has met mohamed morsi, who has been held incommunicado for almost one month. open,had a friendly and very frank discussion. he was.ere i do not know where he is, but i saw the facilities he had. after 72sit comes days people were killed when egyptian police opened fire on a muslim brotherhood rally. we must speak to sharif abdel kouddous. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. inerdict is expected today the trial of bradley manning. manning faces up to life in prison for the most serious of the more than 20 charges against him, aiding the enemy, after leaking 700,000 documents to wikileaks in an attempt to spark a national debate about foreign policy. ofer nearly two months trial, the judge said she plans to announce her verdict at 1:00 p.m. eastern standard time today. after the verdict, the trial enters the sentencing phase, where the prosecution and defense will present more arguments. israel and the palestinian authority have resumed peace talks for the first
Jul 27, 2013 8:00pm PDT
>> the deadliest outbreak of violence in egypt since president morsi's ousting leaves dozens dead. the opposition leader is laid to rest amid anger and high tension. the stakes are high in mali preparing for its first presidential election. first out to egypt at least 100 are said to be dead and many more injured after security forces apparently opened fire on support ers of morsi. it erupt ed overnight. security forces opened fire just before dawn on around the clock sit-in near a mosque in the northeast of the city. officials deny they used live ammunition. we have this report. >> a makeshift morgue is bursting at the seams. the muslim brotherhood said scores of protesters are dead after the saturday morning clashes. they claim police and armed civilians were shooting to kill. >> all the dead were hit in the head, heart or chest. only one man was shot in the back. there were some with brains blown out. victims were hit between the eyes. they were fired on from above. >> the interior minister denies that security forces used live rounds. >> we have never opened fire on protesters
Jul 24, 2013 5:30am PDT
brotherhood and supporters of deposed president morsi. nationwideng for rallies on friday to give them a mandate against what he calls violence and terrorism by supporters of the ousted president. i urge all egyptians to go to the streets and next friday to give me a mandate to counter violence and terrorism. to all a request egyptians to show the whole world that the egyptian people have a will and they say. >> our reporter is live in cairo. are is just before talks due to start. they are not exactly words of reconciliation from al-sisi, are they? is a very vehement statement and the call we just heard for people to mobilize and give them a mandate to confront for supportersnd of mohamed morsi. there are talks that are supposed to be happening through national conciliation, for by the interim president. the muslim brotherhood has rejected that. they are not attending because they say it is an illegitimate call because morsi should be reinstated. they're thrust has been that they have been betrayed by al-sisi. he has defended himself against accusations. he said he gave mohamed morsi m
Jul 28, 2013 5:30pm PDT
with supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. more than 80 were killed in the dead wliest fighting since military leaders overthrew him earlier this month. morsi supporters are demanding he be reinstated. they ran into security forces on friday, then again on saturday and sunday. still, they're standing their ground. >> translator: i won't forgive the security forces for causing all this bloodshed. morsi is the legitimate president. >> translator: we'll stay here. we're not afraid of being killed. >> the security forces have moved in repeatedly to disperse the protesters. they say the demonstrators are occupying the streets illegally. leaders of morsi's political base in the muslim brotherhood blame the soldiers for shooting unarmed protesters. the interim foreign minister says morsi supporters are responsible. >> we're not taking a information against the muslim brotherhood, it is however gaunce those using violence. the best way to defuse the situation and get into a rational discussion is to stop incitement for violence and stop the use of force. >> he said the interim government will
Jul 26, 2013 8:00am PDT
detained mohamed morsi. made by the military coup is nothing short of a call on civil war. for thell go to cairo latest with sharif abdel kouddous. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. egyptian state media is reporting that officials have detained mohamed morsi on new charges. this is the first update since he was forced from office july 3. he will be detained for 15 days pending investigations into his suspected collaboration with hamas during a prison break against the mubarak regime. egypt has major protest today in support of general adel fatah al-sisi. coupled supporters to the idea. has increasedions its count of the death toll in year oldore than two civil war. withing before a meeting opposition members at the un, secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is committed to peace talks in geneva on ending syria's conflict. >> there is no military solution to syria, there is only a political solution, and that will require leadership in order to bring people to the table. yesterday, i had a conversation with the foreign minister f
Jul 28, 2013 10:00am PDT
day. >> dozens are killed and hundreds wounded in egypt as supporters of ousted morsi hold protest. we will have a live discussion and then our sunday panel, nexte d could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. >> washington is keeping a close eye on the egyptian military's violent crack down on the protests. secretary of state john kerry calling on our ally from stepping back from the brink. connor has more from our mid east newsroom, connor. >> the violence in egypt appears to be fading as protests continue to grow in egypt and pro morsi supporters take to the streets and violence is erupting in an effort to clear the pro morsi muslim brotherhood. egypt's top military commander called for supporters to take to the streets to give him a mandate to tackle terrorism. it's widely understood as a request to crack down on the muslim brotherhood, this is the second time that the egyptian army has used deadly force to clea
Jul 25, 2013 5:30am PDT
. >> supporters of ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi as the interim prime minister prepares to address the nation. >> hello and welcome to al jazeera, live from our headquarters in doha. also on this program, spain declares three days of official mourning after 78 people die in a train crash. australia's immigration minister arrived in papua, new guinea as allegations of rape and torture emerge in recession camps. and bo xilai will stand trial on corruption and abuse of power charges. >> we begin in egypt where security forces say they are planning reinforcements ahead of expected rallies on friday. the army chief called on egyptians to join demonstrations in support of the military. protesters backing deposed president mohamed morsi are still on the streets in defiance of the military's plans. a few hours ago this was the scene in a district in cairo where they've been camping out for weeks now. military protests have been flying over the camp in nasr after a date of alert was declared. supports of morrissey protests are taking place in the capital and the city south the ca
FOX News
Jul 28, 2013 11:00pm PDT
this weekend. the deadliest since morsi was ousted a month ago. john kerry calling on the ally to take a step back from the brink. connor has the latest from the newsroom. >> reporter: the chances for a political solution to this ongoing violence in egypt appear to be fading as the protests continue to take to the streets. an effort to clear the supporters from the streets, the egyptian military opened fire on peaceful demonstrations yesterday killing at least 70 people, wounding hundreds more. egypt's top military commanders to quote, give him a mandate to tackle terrorism. his statement is widely understood to crackdown on the muslim brotherhood. this is the second time the egyptian army has used deadly force to clear out pro-morsi supporters. transitional government with several members of the coalition really complaining and voicing concerns about the violence. the supporters of this military coup that took place about a month or so ago to remove president morsi have justified it on the grounds that it would be used to remove and to add stability to the country. it appears to be doing jus
Jul 30, 2013 6:00am PDT
. but as katherine ashton met with ousted president muhammad morsi, his supporters continued to fight against the rulers who replaced him. ashton is making her second visit to egypt in two weeks. she held talks in cairo with interim president monsour. she said she met with morsi for about two hours at an undisclosed location. it is believed to be his first meeting with a western official since being placed in the tension. >> we talked to him in depth. he has access to information in terms of tv, newspapers, so we were able to talk about the situation. and we were able to talk about a need to move forward. but i'm not going to reveal anything further about our conversations. >> military leaders overthrew morsi at the beginning of the month and installed a new government. his supporters have turned out for repeated protests. they're demanding that he be reinstated. security forces moved in again over the weekend to clear the streets. 80 people died in the violence that followed. the morsi supporters say they're not going anywhere. bridging the divide between egyptians won't be easy. both member
Jul 28, 2013 5:00pm PDT
president morsi responded with defend yans. -- defiance. more violence broke out on sunday. morsi supporters were protesting the people killed in a brutal standoff with the security forces. >> tonight, morsi supporters are still in the streets protesting and we had another warning from a national defense council this evening that will take firm, decisive action, it said, if the protesters overstep their rights. earlier the interior minister had suggested the forces would soon move in and break up the two opposing camps. he also announced he is reviving hosni mubarak's hated secret police, shut down after mubarak was toppled. and that's caused outrage here and another sign that authorities are not going to tolerate the protests that have led to so much bloodshed. the military was granted the right to arrest civilians. that is one step short of declaring a state of manager. but hearing from official sources that despite the warning from the minister, the military has plans to suspend. very briefly, kathryn is expected to arrive tonight. what is she going to be doing there in egypt? >> she was
Jul 27, 2013 5:30pm PDT
questions about the accident. >>> in egypt, it's the bloodiest day since president morsi was forced from office. there are varying death tolls, but at least 80 people are confirmed dead. other reports have the number in the hundreds. thousands have been injured after police clashed with supporters of the ousted president in what could be the start of a sustained and violent crackdown. nbc's amman mojadin is in cairo tonight and has our report. >> reporter: gunshots echoing across a cairo street. police seen in the distance firing tear gas and, according to eyewitnesss, live ammunition in the direction of the supporters of mohammed morsi. throughout the night and early morning the wounded were ferried from the front lines, many brought here to the field hospital at the center of the anti-coup protest site. >> many were wounded in the head, in the neck, and in the chest. and gunshots were shot to kill. >> reporter: for hours people searched for relatives and friends caught in the clashes nearby. hospitals posted patient lists outside to help identify victims. inside the hospital in 17-year
Jul 24, 2013 6:30pm PDT
. mohamed morsi was an office for just one year, but it was a turbulent year, and one that sparked a huge public outcry. >> quiet before the storm. people in cairo are bracing for more violent clashes between supporters and opponents of egypt's ousted president, mohamed morsi. the muslim brotherhood has boycotted egypt's interim government, hand-picked by the military. efforts to bring the brotherhood to the negotiation table have failed. the military says it is committed to conducting new democratic elections. the military chief called on egypt since to take to the streets on friday to show support for his fight against terror. >> i ask egyptian's to come out to give me a mandate to confront violence and terrorism. >> a clear warning directed at the muslim brotherhood. the army accuses the organization of inciting terrorism, saying it will stop at nothing to bring morsi back to office. >> he is calling for a civil war to support his military coup. he wants to be the president of the country and wants to show that the real president, his vice president, and the government hold no power. i
Jul 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
on the situation in egypt. >> reporter: supporters of mohammed morsi refuse to give up. they want the muslim brotherhood leader reinstated to the egyptian presidency. >> i'm saying to major-general sissi, you betrayed us and carried out the coup, but god will punish you if you are not implementing his rules. >> reporter: even larger numbers of anti-muslim brotherhood members held rallies. >> i'm proving it is a revolution, and stability is doing what we ought to do. >> reporter: newly ap pointed president ali mansour says all egyptians must work together. >> we will thoroughly punish those who kill innocents. >> reporter: many wonder if reliable factions are headed for a showdown. author raymond ibrahim had this warning. >> i fo foresee a civil war. >> reporter: ibrahim says christians will be targeted and attacked and their very existence threatened. raymond ibrahim joins us. last time you were here in april, you predicted civil war. do you still think that is going to happen in egypt? >> i do. groups like the muslim brotherhood and islamics in general, have been striving for power, are pow
Jul 25, 2013 8:00pm EDT
committee held a hearing on egypt where the military has andd -- has ousted mom morsi. experts and diplomats talk about u.s. aid to the military and the consequences of cutting off that assistance. this begins with former middle east envoy dennis ross. are here to talk about serious and the civil war there. it is no question that both our morals and strategic interests are engaged there. is very different, the stakes are very high. i find myself in agreement with youryou are saying in statement. when we look at egypt, we know that egypt is perhaps the most important arab country. it is always one that affects the rest of the region. politically, culturally it has been a trendsetter. when we look at the events of the arab awakening, they might have begun in tunisia but it was the events of career square which captured the imagination of the world. whichcareetahrir square captured the imagination of the world. it is an unsettling situation, to say the least. at a minimum, we have seen unelected leader removed, but i think when we look at the selected leader that was removed, we have to underst
FOX News
Jul 27, 2013 10:00am PDT
morsi. police reportedly firing tear gas and live ammunition in attempts to disperse the crowd. reports of up to 70 people killed and makeshift hospitals overwhelmed with the wounded. we have a live report coming up. >>> first, new controversy as president obama continues calling the wave of scandals engulf his administration, quote, phony. this time using his weekly address to the nation to push the claim. hello, everybody. welcome to "america's news headquarters." >> kelly and i are so glad you are here. today's comments coming after president obama spent much of last week downplaying criticism against his administration in would very high-profile speeches. will was one recurrent theme. hi, molly. >> hi. yes. downplayed some of the criticism and focus order the economy and jobs. the president and his spokesperson clearly were singing for the same song sheets throughout the week. here is what they had to say. starting with a line this morning in the president's weekly radio address. >> over the past couple of years, in particular, washington has taken its eye off of the ball. parade of
Jul 30, 2013 7:00pm PDT
morsi. u.s. soldier bradley manning faces jail after being found guilty of espionage but is cleared of the most serious charge against him. trainiver of last week's crash, going twice the speed limit and talking on the phone when it derailed. diplomatic efforts to ease the political crisis are stepping up. the u.s. president asked senior to travel onnators the back of the top diplomat. of the interim leadership. john mccain and glenn t. gram traveling to egypt. they are very to well-known center is at home and also our round of the world. senator mccain more so because he ran for the white house against president obama in 2008. it is unusual for the white house to send senators in this way. menident obama asked both to go to egypt and it is odd because they have been harshly critical of his foreign policy. both men calling for the suspension of the military aid that goes every year from washington and they referred to what happened when president morsi was a coup. the white house won't do that because it will prevent the money from going over there. the main mission, if it goes ahea
Jul 31, 2013 3:00pm PDT
, supporters of ousted president morsi stood warily at their two campsites in cairo, scenes of their month-long, standoff with the regime. a senior official of morsi's muslim brotherhood issued a bloody forecast. >> ( translated ): there are expectations of a massacre taking place in front of the eyes of the whole world. the free people in egypt and the world must stand against this stupid cabinet mandate for the police to end the sit-in protests. >> warner: over the weekend, security forces battled pro- morsi demonstrators, killing more than 80. it was the worst spasm of violence since morsi was deposed july 3. hundreds more were injured and bodies of the dead overwhelmed makeshift morgues. in washington today, u.s. state department spokeswoman marie harf voiced concern about today's announcement. that egyptian police will put an end to the protests. >> well we've urged the interim government and security forces to respect the right of peaceful assembly. that obviously includes sit ins. >> warner: so far, the obama white house has refused to label morsi's ouster a coup. that designation w
Jul 27, 2013 10:00pm PDT
in gunfire. today's clashes were sparked when morsi protesters tried to expand their sit in camp and were confronted by police and armed civilians. kpix5's don knapp shows us why an unstable egypt could mean trouble for the u.s. >> nighttime demonstrations looked joyful from the air as antimorsi egyptians rallied for a mandate against terrorism. but by the light of day on the ground, other gathering show the deepening crisis hitting the supporters of the military, morsi, against others who want him returned to office. the deadliest violence since morsi was ousted left 65 people dead and 270 wounded. a makeshift morgue was overwelmed. and doctor told tv, all had been shot in the head, the heart, or chest, and claimed everyone was targeted. the military crackdown could turn it. according to st. mary's professor. >> doesn't have to be a fan of the muslim brotherhood to protest what's happening in egypt. >> according to the associated press, the latest confrontation developed as security forces and armed men confronted pro morsi demonstrators as they tried to expand their sit in. >> there
Jul 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
showed little sign of yielding in their fight with the new leaders. followers of mohammad morsi said they intend to defy government orders. europe's top diplomat has tried to pull the two sides back. the foreign policy chief is making her second visit in two weeks. she met with the interim president and foreign minster and representatives of morsi's political base. the military leaders overthrew morsi and installed a new government. the supporters and turned out for protests, demanding he be reinstated. the forces moved in again over the weekend to clear the streets. 80 people were killed. but morsi supporters say they are not going anywhere. a wave of car bombings killed at least 48 people in iraq. local security authorities say sunni extremists may be behind the coordinated attacks. ten blasts from around 8:00 on minute and car bombs went off at nearly the same time in the central city in the south. it injured about 120. all the explosions were in districts of shia muslim residents at crowded places like markets and bus stops. sunnis have been frustrated with the shia-controlled go
Jul 31, 2013 2:30pm PDT
the supporters of mohammed morsi to stop the protests now or face the consequences. the bbc obtain remarkable footage from world war ii. it shows pow camps and were shot by french prisoners themselves. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. the people of zimbabwe turned out in huge numbers today to elect their new president. they may decide it is time for a change. the 89-year-old who has led the country for more than three decades faces a serious challenge from the prime minister. they ran against each other back in 2008 and the result then was both controversial and violence. we have more, and a warning there is a flash photography. those in worried zimbabwe lined up before sunrise to cast their ballot. it has been an unusual election by zimbabwe's standards, largely free of violence. >> you know the outcome must be expected in this election. >> there are accusations of foul play. they believe the state is against him. for 33 years, zimbabwe has only ever known one leader, leader,mugabe is seeking a further five-year mandate from the people, at the
Jul 26, 2013 2:30pm PDT
president mohammed morsi. the current president says us give him a mandate to fight terrorism. meanwhile, the muslim brotherhood is holding rallies claiming that the new government lacks legitimacy. morsi has been detained on complicity in kidnapping and murder. >> when the egyptian army called for the people to take to the street, it said it was to rid the country of terrorism. and alexandria, it meant violence today. this man fires what appears to supporters.orsi the army intervenes to separate both sides. at least five died in these clashes. in cairo, the military got the mandate it had demanded. a massive show of support as they seek a second revolution. >> the army is the only organization in egypt that supports egypt. >> for the supporters of the ousted president, egypt is now under military rule. here are tens of thousands of morsi supporters on the move. they are trying to settle this dispute with a massive show of force on the streets. the egyptian grief grows every day this goes on. this family's daughter was shot demonstration. she was just 18. they blame the military. >> did
Jul 27, 2013 6:00am PDT
clashes between supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi and egyptian security forces. the death toll is still being determined. the eu's foreign-policy chief said today she deeply deplores the deaths and is urging all sides to put an end to the bloodshed. rockiolence continues to egypt as the country's political divide continues to deepen. >> holding up ammunition, protesters accuse police of a crime. they charge that officers opened fire with live rounds on morsi supporters before dawn this morning. officials dispute the figures and put the count much lower. some of the wounded have been brought to this makeshift hospital. >> the injuries are from live ammunition. they have various injuries in their stomach, back, and legs. >> officials of the interim administration are now blaming the muslim brotherhood. friday saw massive rallies in cairo for supporters and opponents of the deposed resident. president. morsi was officially placed under investigation yesterday, charged with conspiring with islamist groups. a court ordered his detention for two more weeks. says them brotherhood clai
Jul 28, 2013 2:00pm PDT
the? you're watching al jazeera live from london. coming up, pro morsi roof -- pro morsi protesters refuse to give in. how the syrian civil war has seen this refugee camp row exponentially in just one year. plus, the pope on copacabana. millions of catholics flocked to rio de janeiro to listen to the message. polls have closed in mali after the first presidential election since the country was thrown into turmoil 18 months ago. the fragile west african nation was rocked when rebel fighters took over large parts of the north. they were pushed out by french military intervention. despite fears rebels would stop people from going to the polls, it appears voters have turned out in large numbers. let's go live now to the capital for more. most polls have closed, but some have remained open because they open late because they received ballot boxes and papers a little bit late. a the whole, it has been peaceful election. there have been technical problems and there is a huge amount of international interest here because security in molly is crucial to the region and that is why this vote i
Jul 29, 2013 9:00am PDT
. >> that is increasing the fear factor among supporters of ousted president morsi. they are backing off from these claims or state of emergency at this point. is that right? >> reporter: there are messages that they are backing off. new information on the past few hours. the spokesperson for the president. the interim president announcing at this point there are no plans to declare emergency law. that's significant because over the past few days there was growing speculation and concern that perhaps the government could declare emergency law in preparation for a crackdown against supporters of the ousted president morsi. seemingly that's not happening at this point. that could ease the anxiety but still you get the sense this conflict is moving towards a dangerous stage because the violence is escalating. more people are being killed and there are still signs that more bloodshed could be ahead. for nearly a month thousands of morsi backers have staged a sit in at an east cairo neighborhood. they won't leave until morsi is president again. at this point chances of a comeback for morsi and his muslim broth
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Jul 27, 2013 9:00am PDT
killed overnight. this as we learn new information about the future of mow ham morsi, and. >> hello, america's news headquarters live in the nation's capitol starts right now. >> over the past couple of years in particular, washington has taken its eye off the ball. an enled parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, shirt focus from what needs to be done. >> well, he is still at it. once again that is the message from president obama, taking aim at what he calls the so-called phony scandals and distractions. scandals that created quite a buzz, like the irs mess, and nsa surveillance, and the benghazi attack. apparently the president doesn't think they're such a big deal. instead mr. obama insists congress and the media are taking the focus of what really matters, issues like the economy, the debt, and other budget problems which are looming after congress returns from the august recess. joining news with more. >> president obama gave a couple of speeches this week trying to refocus the national discourse on the economy and jobs, and to his critics who may al
Jul 27, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. government troops cracking down overnight, killing dozen of protesters who still supported morsi. tonight, there's a possibility that morsi soon could be in the same jail as former president hosni mubarak. abc's jeffery kofman in cairo tonight. >> reporter: the death toll close to 100, perhaps more. with many more injured. supporters of former president mohamed morsi gunned down, as they protested before dawn. the bodies of the dead lined up outside this hospital in east cairo. both sides deny instigating the violence. but since morsi was pushed out by the military just a year after his election, the country's divisions have only deepened. the former president is being held in jail under house arrest, accused of espionage and murder. and may head to the same cairo prison as former president hosni mubarak. but morsi's biggest crime may have been being unpopular with most egyptians. in cairo, where supporters of morsi and his muslim brotherhood have been camped out for three weeks, they reject the new military-backed government. >> leave our country right now. >> reporter: today's violence
Jul 30, 2013 4:00am PDT
overnight. >>> and overseas, one of egypt's top diplomats met with egyptian ousted president mohamed morsi. catherine ashton is in egypt trying to end the bloody crisis. the egyptian brotherhood has called for another day of protests. clarissa ward has more from cairo. >> reporter: the european union says its top diplomat catherine ashton has met with deposed president mohamed morsi. this is the first time a western official has met with morsi since he was detained after his ouster. earlier this month, according to ashton the spokesperson, the two met late last night and had in-depth discussions for about two hours. ashton has also met with the man responsible for morsi's ouster the defense minister assisi. she tries to work with both to pull them back from the brink. all eyes on the protests where thousands of morsi supporters have been camped out since morsi's ouster. they're demanding his reinstatement. but the government has asked them to leave. they said that needs to happen soon. the concern is that some type of an operation will be launched in order to forcibly remove them from thos
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Jul 28, 2013 7:00am PDT
military backed government is clashing with supporter of ousted president mohamed morsi. secretary kerry is urging egyptian leaders to act immediately to help their country take a step back from the brink. conner powell is live from our mideast bureau with the very latest. connor, tell us more. >> jamie, there's been calling to have an inquiry investigation into saturday's silence. those aren't likely to do much to calm tensions in egypt which appear to be getting worse and worse. in an effort to clear out the muslim brotherhood from the streets and end their nationwide protest in support of now deposed former president mohamed morsi, the egyptian military opened fire on peaceful demonstrations yesterday killing at least 70 people, wounding hundreds more. egypt's top military commande e issue ed -- that statement is widely understood to be a request to crack down on the muslim brotherhood. this is the second time the egyptian military has used deadly force to try to clear out pro-morsi supporters which so far really has fail. despite the bloodshed, the muslim brotherhood, however, contin
Jul 30, 2013 5:30pm PDT
the deposed president mohammed morsi late identnight. the european union stopped diplomat catherine ashton was taken to a secret facility where morsi is being held. morsmilitary ousted him nearly a month ago. since then his supporters from the muslim brotherhood have taken to the streets. and the protests have turned indly. clarissa ward is in cairo tonight. clarissa, what have you been >>le to find out about this? >> well, bob, in a press conference today, ashton gave bomarkably few details about her g withg with morsi. mhe said that the two of them had a frank and friendly and n.en discussion. that it lasted about two hours. that morsi had access to television and newspapers and e ot he was aware of current events here in cairo. but she wouldn't be drawn on the subject of what exactly morsi er.d to her. sa also says that she doesn't know the location where he's ionng held. that might possibly be because she was flown there by helicopter late at night. >> schieffer: it's my understanding, the u.s. government is having a hard time finding out what's going on in this whole situation. what d
Jul 28, 2013 10:00pm PDT
of supporters of deposed islamist president morsi this weekend killing dozens. islam's interior minister accused promorsi elements of provoking the bloodshed to win sympathy. >>> a protest of the military's overthrow of morsi and the renewed violence there. protesters say why they have the right to demonstrate here that same right is under attack in egypt. egyptian authorities killed 72 protesters yesterday. >> what about those who say morsi is an extremist? >> if i look at the past year morsi's ruling and what happened through the past 30 days i can definitely rule out this assumption. >> reporter: some of the protesters say it's important for the obama administration to formally declare morsi's ouster a military coo. that would force the us to suspend the aid it sends to egypt. >>> there are also u.s. concerns that the ongoing violence could disrupt shipping through the suez canal. >> for americans at home saying why should we be interested. 5% of the world's oil every single day goes through the suez canal. about 8% of the world trade. if this spills over and they lose control of egypt, it wi
Jul 24, 2013 5:30pm PDT
after three days of clashes between supporters and opponents of ousted president mohamed morsi. security authorities say one soldier was killed in the explosion in the northern town of mansoura. they say civilians were among the injured. reports by media opposed to morsi blame the attack on his power base, the muslim brotherhood, but the organization denies any involvement. morsi supports and opponents have clashed repeatedly across egypt since the military deposed him three weeks ago. 14 people have died in cairo and other locations from monday through wednesday. defense minister and army chief abdel fallah al sisi has called for demonstrations on friday. he wants the military to be given a mandate to confront what he calls violence and potential terrorism. >>> bombers in southern thailand have killed three people and injured two others. security forces are facing violence in the region despite a peace deal with muslim separatists for the holy month of ramadan. an army spokesperson told nhk that suspected insurgents detonated an explosive near a hospital on wednesday. three teachers in
Jul 25, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. it supporters and sabonis -- and opponents of morsi predicting blood on the streets ahead of planned protests. the military has reportedly given the muslim brotherhood until saturday afternoon to sign on to political reconciliation as a rhetoric tween the opposing sides continues to ratchet. we have more. >> one nation, two opposing sides in an ongoing struggle for power. for their part, the muslim brotherhood calls for their leader morsi's return. his supporter has been campaigning since his removal from power. on the other hand, there is the opposition movement am a together with the army, led by the general. >> there is no reconciliation with the terrorist group that waste egyptian soulds and blood and kills the people on the streets of cairo. no reconciliation with the group that throws egyptian kids from rooftops. >> on word he has growing support, the general has called for his followers to protest on friday. the brotherhood says this is a call for civil war, but the decides islamist work targeted in a rally. the islamist opposition encourages people to stand against the coup that topp
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